In order to liquidate your assets, we follow a solution driven process that is hassle free and causes no damage to the environment as well. Our core services include:

  • Recycling
  • Data Destruction
  • Data Shredding
  • Pickup From Businesses

RECYCLING: Sustainable development and Reprocessing

Our skilled and expert process for handling your electronic includes recycling, or reusing the computers, laptops, batteries, smartphones, scanners, copier and servers. We are strict to our environmental protocols and ensure thorough ecological preservation at our end to promote sustainable development. The recycling process helps to diminish and reduce the volume as well as the intensity of the electronic waste. The process eliminates and recovers the structured materials from printed circuits and reduces the hazardous elements that helps to facilitate and meet the requirements of material exterminations.



Antioch E-waste is a pioneer in data destruction and our company complies with the government protocols to follow the safe data destruction mode. Our company offers numerous procedures and strata of expired hard drives grinding, lapsing, over writing, chopping etc. Our data demolition procedures have been verified and transmute to the non-recyclable objects resulting in proper and safe disposals.


We understand that simply trashing the electronic items does not means data and personal information are also destroyed and that’s why at Antioch, our topmost priority is safe disposal of waste and when you are thinking about disposing items like computer, scanner, server, hard drives or any other, give us a call and we will do it all! It is crucial to get rid of the data from electronic devices so that no harm is done to the reputation of the company or further losses. In fact, non-destructed data also falls under the law violations regulations. Leverage the benefits of our data destruction and shredding services at highly affordable prices through onsite and offsite services.