Recycling Process at Antioch e-Waste:

We follow a 4 step procedure for Recycling that takes care of all the detailed procedures with care and high precision. We transport the Electronic assets securely and safely to our warehouse followed by shipping to safe disposal area for data and equipment. We are prone to deliver top quality services for Recycling and banishing your data. Our team includes educated expert professionals from the industry that are well versed with the processes and make the entire task transparent, quick and satisfactory.

Identify your type of disposal needs and call us to request a pick up. You can count on us for emergency or scheduled pickups and our team will definitely reach you on time for the services. We will send expert to qualify and identify whether your items are worth recycling, destroying or remarketing.

Destruction: An eco friendly and cost effective procedure which is taken into Account with an issued Certified for items being destroyed.

Remarket: Anything that has the potential to be remarketed will be reserved. We inform the Clients and offer them a detailed plan. The profits earned are shared and process is reported online.

Recycle: If your item needs Recycling, they will be torn down locally and responsibly. None of the components go in the landfill.